Briefly speaking, what I’ve learned from David Wilcock’s Tempe Convergence conference – Day 2

This is the second day’s notes.
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Second day.

– Protons are not particles. Again they are just corners of some platonic solids.
– You must realize that if you understand geometry, you understand everything.
– DNA is a fractalized crystal created from the source field.
– An atom is a tiny black hole.
– Gravity behaves just like a fluid-like energy field.
– Gravity is the source field.
– Everything is upside down on Earth. For example the South pole should be the North pole…
– There is a multitude of angels showing up in the Bible:
– Seraphims
– Cherubins
– Thrones
– Dominions
– Virtues
– Powers
– Principalities
– Archangels
– Angels
– The word “heaven” is related to the Hebrew word “Shamayim” which is related to the Greek word “Ouranos” which means “outer space”.
– The original Hebrew word for “God” is “Elohim”. Its plural is the “mighty ones”.
– There are malevolent as well as benevolent godly entities.
– The word “angel” means originally “emissary”.
Yahweh, the God of the Jews used to ride a “swift chariot”…
– To get superpowers you need to raise your kundalini energy up to the pineal gland.
– The Irish Turoe Stones could be some “food materializers” for some giant “gods”.
– The phoenix symbolizes the transmutation of the human soul by activating the pineal gland.
– The Vatican could have been run by reptilian tall ETs.
– [Matthew 6:22] “The light of the body is the Light.”
– Darkness activates electromagnetic activity in the pineal gland.
– Meditation creates a slow DMT release.
– Certain foods contain a lot of DMT.
– In the Chinese Remote Viewing famous experiment, there is a direct proof of the existence of a “silver” astral body sending healing energy to someone remotely located.
– The pineal gland is an electromagnetic shield that creates a portal.
– Indigenous people are extremely psychic.
– In order to get some activator X from food avoid heating it.
– Food has been weaponized.
– Fermented fish liver oil, butter oil are a great source of activator X.
– It appears that “Annunakis” were everywhere with the Hopi Kachina, Japanese Dogus, African Dogons, Aboriginal Wandjina
– There is plenty of evidence of Non-Terrestrial Human-like visitors.
– Circumcision was done to imitate the mighty ones that did not have “it”… 🙂
– There are 130 pyramids in Egypt.
– There are between 300 and 500 pyramids in Mesoamerica.
– Pyramids were built to balance the energies of planet Earth.
– There are 1776 circular pyramids in the Philippines (Bohol).
– There are also pyramids in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Russia, Japan, China.
– The “Elders” in China still have “ships” hidden underground in Tibet.
– China financed the construction of USA’s economy because the Elders wanted the country to fight the Illuminati.
– Pyramids are a ancient, secret, sacred technology that harnesses energy.
– The word “pyramid” means “fire in the middle”.
– Lemuria, then Atlantis were colonies settled by human-like ETs coming originally from Mars.
– The positive ETs gave us the technologies to hurry us up for the “big shift” at the end of 2012. (Dec 21st)
– Waves create the geometry.
– Based on John Martineau‘s work, we can use the celestial mechanics to predict when certain “stargates” open up.
– It is possible that a big giant stargate will open up on the 21st of December 2012.
– The cycle duration of the precession of the equinoxes is 25920 years.
– We are moving to the 4th density.
– The interplanetary climate change is NASA’s hottest topic.
– Human evolution is speeding up.
– In the Flynn effect, the ability to recognize abstract non verbal patterns has drastically increased. That means we are getting much much smarter.
– It appears that there is a massive increase of “4 th density” photons.
– A metaphor for the photons charging up the Galaxy and inducing a quantum shift (transmutation) on Earth is the salamander’s eggs laser beam zapping through the frozen frog eggs and turning them into salamanders’ eggs…
– The founding fathers of the USA were well aware of the phoenix-like transmutation at the end of the cycle on the 21st of December 2012.
– The ascension process could be in fact the opening of a very big stargate on the whole planet Earth…
– We live in fact in a binary solar system.
– The Sun has in fact a companion star, which appears to be a brown dwarf.
– The Sun is orbiting that star with a cycle that lasts 25920 years.
– In masonic mystery schools it appears that this companion star is called the “Black Sun”.
– There is a multitude of indicators that prove the solar system is binary if you look at:
– the angular momentum
– comet paths
– the difference between sidereal time and solar time.
– also, there is no planetary precession of Earth compared with other planets
– The sidereal year is 20mn shorter than the solar year.
– The “Black Sun” generates its own geometric energy field.
– One node of the geometry corresponding to the planetary configuration on the 21st of December 2012 will be the strongest…
Francois Masson showed that history moves in 2160 years cycles.
– Each cycle is an age of the Zodiac.
– The swastika, originally totally unrelated to the Nazis is in fact a symbol for the “Black Sun”.
– It appears that the “Black Sun” will bring us the energy that will enable us to ascend on the 21st of December 2012 because it could turn Earth into a giant portal on that day.
– Nibiru seems to be another name for the companion star.
– As the Sun orbits the “Black Sun”, the vibrations of the Sun through the fluid of gravity creates a geometric pattern.
– The planetary alignment that will show up on the 21st of December 2012 could open up portals within the pyramids.
– The Mayan calendar is in fact a star gate calculator.
– Also, the rotation of the Earth’s core determines when the portals open up.
– A full Mayan calendar is 5125 years long.
– 1 baktun coincides with 1 rotation of the inner core of Earth.
– Five Mayan calendars coincide with a 25625 years cycle which is very close to the precession of the equinoxes.
– There is truly a scientific mechanism for “ascension”.
– Eating “healthy” contributes to your “ascension” process.
– The hollow Earth theory appears to be correct: there are apparently ETs living there.

The third and last day’s notes are here.

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  2. Very good summary;

    2 questions:

    “The positive ETs gave us the technologies to hurry us up for the “big shift” at the end of 2012. (Dec 21st)”
    –> which tech?

    “The planetary alignment that will show up on the 21st of December 2012 could open up portals within the pyramids.”
    –> makes me feel to be in the middle of these kundalini ignitors; the energy must be particularly enhanced, isn’t it?

    link on john martineau work:

    • To Gbboy:
      – “which tech?”: I suppose anything from language, writing, printing press, electricity, computer chip, internet ….
      – about the energy within the pyramids: actually pyramids are amplificators and stabilizers of energy. They affect the whole Earth. They seem to be also special chambers for individual purposes (like for the King) under special circumstances but I think enough energy will come to Earth on the 21th of December so no need to be inside the pyramid just to receive that energy.


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