Briefly speaking, what I’ve learned from David Wilcock’s Tempe Convergence conference – Day 1

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Divine Cosmos’ Convergence conference held in Tempe, between the 9th and the 11th of November 2012.
The main speaker is of course, David Wilcock.
It was a blast.
I was most likely the only attendee coming from Japan although I am not sure 100% since I almost did not talk to other attendees :(. But I hugged some. It is part of the audience’s participation “encouraged” by Wilcock at the end of each day right after the meditation session 🙂

This post is the transcription of the notes that I took during the first day.
The second day and third day’s transcriptions will follow.
I won’t mention the things about which Wilcock said “I should probably not be talking about that but…”.
Although we were not allowed to take pictures during the conference (needless to say videos), we did not have to sign any DNA. So, I guess I am able to “publish” my notes. 🙂
The links were added later.

First Day

– The mind is non local.
– All is distortion of infinite intelligence.
– There is an angelic consciousness out there.
– The universe is biased in favor of the loving energy.
– As the Earth aligns more and more with the center of the Milky Way, there is drastic increase in ESP ability.
– The Black Ops (the hidden military program including space program I guess) has had access to Quantum computing since the 60’s. Some companies are developing quantum chips which enable holographic data transmission. A transmission rate of Giga bits perhaps even more will soon become possible.
– We will have very soon “holographic” Skype conferences.
– The difference between Sidereal Time and Solar Time is important.
– Photons are absorbed by the DNA.
– “Biophotons” exist. Dr Fritz-Alber Popp has worked extensively on it.
– All carcinogens scramble 380nm light (ultraviolet range).
– Light is contained into DNA.
– Light decreases in tissues when we are sick.
– Eat raw organic just to feed your energy body.
– There are 10 photons per cm² in the skin.
– You create light with your consciousness.
– DNA is a gravitationally attracting device. It is called “microgravity”.
– Phantom DNA remains visible for a whopping 30 days after removed. After 30 days have elapsed, it disappears.
Peter Gariaev, discoverer of the DNA phantom effect, showed that DNA can be healed with light.
– DNA does not contain any information. It is just an antenna that gets information from the “Source”.
Budakovski repaired cancerous raspberry cells by “beaming” a hologram of a healthy cell into them.
– Gravity creates all matter. It is the new science.
– We are waves of energy, of Light, patterns of information coming from “God”.
A.B Burlakov‘s fish eggs experiment showed that life and growth are due to a “field” than can be transferred from one to another.
– Dr Glen Rein showed that you can heal DNA by literally “loving” it.
– Recent studies showed that the placebo effect is getting twice as strong as before.
– Egg’s whites heal burns.
– There is a substance called activator X contained in a lot of natural foods that has a tremendous healing power.
– Egg’s yolks are a wonderful source of activator X.
– Raw food is also a source of activator X.
– Geometry is the secret to understanding reality.
Robert Moon explained that quantum physics (nucleus of atoms) can be explained by geometry.
Tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron are fundamental geometries.
– Protons are just corners of a certain platonic solid.
– Matter is created by vibrating geometry.
– The three most abundant chemical elements on Earth correspond to increasingly complex platonic solids as follows:
1- 62.55% of all matter: Oxygen, 8 protons –> Hexahedron
2- 21.2% of all matter: Silicon, 14 protons –> Octahedron
3- 1.2% of all matter: Iron, 26 protons –> Icosahedron
– Oxygen is a conduit to the source field.
– With project “looking glass”, area 51 scientists reverse-engineered the pineal gland by regarding water as a “quantum broth”.
– Consciousness is just a wave in the source field.
– You want to eat food that contain “microclusters”.
– The structure of the DNA corresponds to a dodecahedron.
– Geometry is information encoded into a wave of light.
– DNA is a quantum field effect.
Professor Luc Montaigner showed that water can turn itself into DNA.

The transcription of the notes that I took during the second day will come after a Japanese post. Stay tuned.

To see the notes of Day 2, click here.


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