Briefly speaking, what I’ve learned from David Wilcock’s Tempe Convergence conference – Day 3


This is the third day’s notes.
Links were added later.
I also added my personal comments sometimes, especially at the end of the article.

Third day.

– The “dark star” or the “black sun” basically propels you to “Ascension”. That is why “they” used to worship it.
– In the geometry of our solar system, there are corners and lines. Those corners and lines appear to be stargates like points of singularity when you “hit” them.
– The “crown” worn by kings and queens is a symbol that says that your pineal gland is opened and that you have a stargate opened in your mind so that you can travel through time-space and space-time.
– It appears that in the solar system there are 53 positive ET species.
– The “black sun” is inhabited by the Annunakis and they are not happy with the fact that they are losing control over Earth.
– As soon as “the global telepathic internet” is set up, the “bad guys” cannot have influence any more over Humanity.
– The 21st of December, 2012 is the day of the alignment.
– It appears that the Freemasons misinterpreted terribly the original spiritual teachings: they thought that you needed to do both evil and good in order to ascend.
– It appears that Obama wants to do “disclosure” before the end of this year to keep the prophecies.
– It appears that there are 2 interlocking cycles. On the one hand you have the 25920 years precession of equinoxes’ cycle. On the other hand you have the 5125 years Mayan calendar cycle. You put 5 of these Mayan calendars equally spaced on a circle representing the precession cycle and you get a pentagon. Hence the importance of that shape in mystery schools…
– All events in history are cyclic.
Anatoly Fomenko is a Russian mathematician that showed that the sequence of historical events is harmonic.
– Jimmy Carter is in fact a hidden Kennedy.
Bradley Cowan is a researcher that showed that the stock market evolves in cycles and therefore is predictable. It appears that he could be the reincarnation of W.D.Gann.
– Stock markets can be a thermometer for human consciousness. When you feel “cool” you buy, when you feel uncomfortable you sell.
– The planetary configuration influences human mood. Each planetary configuration is geometric in nature. Therefore we have direct proof of the geometric effects on human destiny and free will.
– 2012 is the “grand conjunction” of all geometric patterns.
– The US government knows the truth behind the crop circles and the ice rings.
– The “Global Grid of Gaia” is firing up.
– The pyramids might fire up at at the end of the year on the 21st of December, as el Castillo appeared to have done in 2010.
– There is a huge energetic activation going on right now.
– There have been massive storms on Saturn.
– We find the same double helix geometric structure in the DNA and the galaxy itself.
– Things can dematerialize because things are only forms of a fixed, given wave.
– The people that gave us the “prophecies” are most likely human extra-terrestrials.
Richard Hoagland is an expert on off-planet ET archaeology.
– There are ET bases on the Moon, as well on Mars.
– It appears that the Nazis did already go to Mars.
– It appears that the Fatima apparitions are in fact ETs apparitions.
– A lot of technologies have been reverse-engineered from the Roswell crash, including:
– velcro
– kevlar
– fiber optics (it appears that the control panel of the ship that crashed in Roswell used it.)
– teflon
– LEDs
– laser
– infra-red light vision
– computer chips
– transistors
– etc…
– Science is much simpler that we think or we are supposed to think at schools…
Frances Swan is one of the first “flying saucer” contactees in modern times.
– We already got teleportation and free energy but we need to be ready psychologically before using them.
– Time is a field function
The Law of One says that the law of Karma stops on the 21st of December, 2012, which opens the gate to new opportunities afterwards.
Stefano Breccia is an Italian researcher on the famous Italian contactees that met ETs during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.
– The Brown notebook is a transcription of the telepathic communications of an American contactee in the 50’s.
– All matter on Earth will be transformed from the 21st of December 2012, onwards.
– It appears that Pluto will be kicked out.
– The Moon itself will become one planet of the solar system.
– The 21st of December marks the wedding of the flesh with spirit.
– The Law of One series started in 1981, directly pinpoints 2011-2013 as the period of the “quantum leap” for Humanity.
– 75000 years ago there was the first “import” of “Humans” on Earth, apparently from Mars.
– The 4th density (which corresponds to the 5th dimension. Dimension is a measure of density) is 100 times better (more harmonious) than the 3th density.
– There could be a quantum leap on the 21st of December 2012, which corresponds to a sudden monumental event.
– Time will shift.
– What is commonly called “Ascension” is in fact “stargating” towards a whole different world.
– Apparently Christ used the pyramids to reach Christ consciousness.
– The sarcophagus chambers within some of the pyramids of Giza are in fact “ascension” chambers.
– The “ascension” event will be a worldwide vortex experience.
– The crop circles appear to be messages from the “gods”.
– Some people have already reached the level of rainbow body activation but before reaching that body state, we will have telepathy…
– It appears that Jesus was the closest we got to having the consciousness of the whole galaxy…
– We are on the dawn of an interplanetary awakening…
By the way, Wilcock spoke some words of Japanese.
Just to joke a bit, on the third day, after the usual meditation session, we happened to be in the rest room at the same time, side by side, washing our hands. He then said that his underarms were kinda stinky with all the sweat induced by the “hot” topics he had been talking about with so much passion and excitement. Being stinky under the arms is kinda problematic if you have to hug the 200 or more participants at the “meet the speakers” session, which was scheduled right after.
He then said “KUSAI” which is 臭い、くさい in Japanese. Which means “it stinks” literally.
Maybe he learned that from his Japanese girlfriend 🙂 (he said he used to have, probably more than 10 years ago.)
Now he seems to have a another partner in life. I think she was selling “super foods” such as the fish liver oil product. In that case he’s got a lovely partner.
At the end I hugged him (it was more appropriate than a formal handshake. After all, we are beings of vibrations and hugging conducts better vibrations than handshaking) and he said to me “Doumo Arigato” (どうもありがとう). I said “Kochira koso. Dou Itashashimashite(こちらこそ。どういたしまして。)

Anyway, Wilcock’s Source Field Investigations has yet to be published in Japanese.
I would love to help 🙂

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