The Message from George Harrison to Earthlings

Artists are among the 1% category of people that can have the freedom of thinking on their feet, and just be free.

Some of them can encode in their productions messages that are for us to take and reflect, because we generally are not granted (or we don’t let us have) the time to discern what they can discover by ourselves;

George Harrison, probably an enlightened songwriter, produced a very message-loaded song just before his death in Nov. 2001,  apparently identifying himself with the mere mortal white collar or blue collar, but discovering a solid truth within the “Sun”, i.e. the divine cosmos. If you scratch a little bit more than the first surface of the words, you find that he alluded to many facts/notions that are kept under-ground by “they”.

The songs deals with the following themes:

* The artificial enslaving matrix and its related components (probably Education, Banking system)

* The Divine Cosmos

* The Holographic Universe

* The Health Care  System

* Self-Channeling, Akashic Records, Inner Voice

* Communication with Extra-terrestrials and/or Ascended Master

I have overlaid the lyrics on the video (as captions); Enjoy and meditate:)


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  1. The rising sun is also I think the Kundalini serpent’s rise. If you let your mind be filled by what is called “Prana” energy you will realize a lot of things, including that the Universe is holographic, which will make you closer to the enlightened state. Then you will be able to get back the genius in yourself.


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