What could possibly mean the capstone a little bit _elevated_ from its great pyramid in the great seal (dollar bill)?

My interpretation is simply “to ascend” during the harvest, that occurs during the galactic shift that is precisely clocked, just like we are given the opportunity to have today.

But why a triangle centered on the eye? well, it could represent the triangular biological construction that is centered on the pineal gland (cf D. Wilcock)


As for December 21st 2012 as time zero, besides long standing numerous solid traditional numerous prophecies from all over the world that converge to that point, we have several troubling very concrete facts that corroborate that date:

Terence McKenna with his timewave zero calculates December 21st 2012 as the point with the most changes, without any prior knowledge of the Mayan calendar;

Also, the looking glass does not see anything beyond 12/21;

People doing remote viewing don’t manage to see beyond 12/21 because from that point on, time stops to be linear;

So there must be definitely a quantum shift from that point on, probably the shift from 3D density vibration to 4D density vibration channeled by the Law of One; Earth vibrates in 4D mode, a whole new physics rules her, anything vibrating in 3D is incompatible due to the electromagnetics; ” a new progeny is let down from the heaven; a mighty order of ages is born a new”!



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