On the December 21st 2012 and beyond


We have made it!

It is the evening in Japan right now and tomorrow we are the December 21st 2012;

That’s _the_ day to celebrate, way more than Christmas.

My research on personal development, and “conspiracy” stuff made me reach “Ascension” so it feels like a milestone;

12/21 is essentially a galactic event of a great magnitude; our Earth revolves around our Sun, but that latter is revolving around Alcyone a star located in the Pleiades; and tomorrow, our Sun will terminate its cycle of 25,920 years; more than that, it will align with Alcyone, and Sirius, which is the Central Sun around which Alcyone revolves;

From that galactic alignment, Earth will be washed with an enormous amount of energy;  I am not even talking about the possible definitive entry in the photon belt;

Now come the predictions, depending on whether or not you will be able to tune in with this light, and this depends on your Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland or 3rd Eye, is what produces DMT when you sleep and go into astral plane; but precisely, this is what allows you to go into time-space as opposed to space-time;

Right now, in 3D, in our physical plane, we are in space-time;

When producing DMT, the body mind spirit complex is able to have time-travel/time-dilatation/ paranormal experience and even to meet dead people, just like when they dream; DMT is the same molecule produced when you ingest ayahuasca and have ecstatic experiences of liberation.

It is expected that when excited by light, just like tomorrow, the pineal gland will produce DMT, on the condition that it is of course functional, meaning enough pure, non calcified and that you accept that incoming light, in other terms you tune in with its frequency.

So I expect that there will be at least 2 categories of individuals:

– the ones in tune with the 4D light, with their 3rd eye open: they will experience an ecstatic moment (undetermined duration);

This is confirmed by the experiments of the Montauk Chair, with people getting bumps of ecstatic feeling past Dec. 21st

– the ones that are not.

These will experience nothing in particular.

The elite were well aware of that fact.

Take a look at the dollar bill.

The real meaning of the all seeing eye is of course the 3rd eye, i.e the Pineal Gland.

illuminated during the Harvest of new progeny and shift into the new age.

Why? Because “Novus Ordo Seclorum” has nothing to with “New World Order” take over conspiracy, like they like to let us think. The true meaning of the motto is in fact “a mighty order of ages is born anew;” because it is derived from “Magnus Soeclorum Ordo”. This is another big secret they kept that I just discovered thanks to the works of D. Wilcock.

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  1. This separation between 2 category of people could be the separation between the “weed” from the “shaft”, talked by Jesus,

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