Sacred mathematics creates Consciousness, which creates Matter.

You may wonder. Who was first created? Mind or matter? Consciousness or physical reality?
Apparently, it is a chicken-and-egg problem…
Well in fact not.
Matter cannot create consciousness. There is no way we can reach such a conclusion since the previous statement assumes that the notion of “matter” preexists, which supposes the existence of intelligence.
In fact, it makes much more sense to suppose the opposite: consciousness creates matter.
The conclusion is inescapable.

Therefore, at the beginning there was only God. Yes. All religions are right here.
Am I religious or a creationist? Not at all.
To me, God is just a simple word that points to sacred mathematics, sacred geometry, fractals, vibrations, frequencies, strings, the fields, energy! And, as physical reality=the visible reality is holographic, you, yourself embed that godly reality within you. God created yourself and at the same time you contain God within yourself. It is a quantum reality.
Time for your apotheosis!

As Carl Jung once said, “I don’t believe God exits. I know God exists.”
Whether you like it or not, you contain God within yourself.

The Ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis or Lemuria, it seems, knew that consciousness and energy were equivalent. Energy is just that divine source of beautiful intelligence.
They left us with a lot of symbols engraved in beautiful architectures and monuments that they made based on the Golden ratio, the famous Phi number.
It is tightly linked to the Fibonacci sequence, that you can find in many many life forms on this planet.

Take a look at the following series of 3 videos.

By watching that sequence, you can get a good snapshot of what is “sacred geometry”.
It seems that sacred geometry or sacred mathematics creates consciousness which in turns creates matter!
But how such a wonderful thing is possible in the first place?
Well because consciousness is everything that is created out of information, bits, patterns, numbers, spirals, fractals. Have a look at the beauty of the DNA molecule and ask yourself the following question: is it the result of a Darwinian evolution that relies on randomness and so-called “selection” or is it the result of an intelligent process that makes use of Phi, spirals, geometry, mathematics, information?
Which one makes more sense? Which one is simpler?

The Universe was designed by an intelligent process that heavily used the Golden ratio, it seems.
The Egyptians knew it well… Look at the great Pyramid of Giza. For example, if you divide the height of the pyramid by its semi-based, you get the golden number to name just one single occurrence of Phi among many many ones…

Now, you may ask why they heavily used that number?
I believe it is because they knew it was the language of Nature and they understood that if they wanted to communicate with her, they needed to speak her language.
But you may ask: why did they need to speak her language in the first place?
Well, because they wanted to be able to live in harmony with her.
Besides, they knew they could get advantage of all those portals or vorteces of energy, if only they knew where they were located.
Once you know where those portals are located, based again on calculations that use sacred mathematics, assuming that you know when they open up, which you can predict based again on sacred mathematics, you become able to receive that divine energy, which is known to increase consciousness drastically…

So their goal, I believe was to increase consciousness because the more you are aware, the more you are able to shape the future your want, to manifest the reality you want!

Besides, everything is cyclic and repeats itself based on patterns, like fractals..
Have you ever heard about the 2012 prophecy?
As Gregg Bradden shows, we can calculate when certain conditions for certain phenomena will occur. In fact, it is valid for every phenomenon, it seems!
21st of December 2012 is definitively one of them.
Therefore, it seems that sacred geometry or sacred mathematics rules also what we call Time, another construct of our consciousness.

By the way, do you know why you are not taught at all about sacred geometry at school? Well if you knew about it, then you would not need to be the slave of the dark side (the dark cabal) anymore to have a meaning in your life. You would literraly be able to create your own life like a painter paints a canvas, shifting timelines whenever you want for example, creating the reality you desire whenever you desire, wherever you desire.
Yes. Believe it or not, we have that divine power to manifest the reality we desire. We just forgot it.

So once you understand that there is an intelligent designer, you get back your freedom since you contain within yourself that intelligent designer.

Myself, I am in this process of getting back that power.
But there are some conditions.
For example, besides raising drastically your frequencies and focusing on the heart chakra and shifting from “service to self” to “service to others” if possible before 21DEC12, you need to keep the freedom of others intact and you need to treat your higher self as a maiden, not as a prostitute, as David Wilcock explains here.
But that is another whole subject that I will try to talk about in another post, once I have got a good understanding of it.

Finally, you don’t need a religion per se to understand that there is a creator because again, you contain God within yourself.
And remember the etymology of religion…
It comes from the Latin word, “religare”, which means bind twice…but to what? Well, it seems to be to an external entity that has control over you.
The same root as fascism in fact….
I would advise you to just take with you the spiritual part. I don’t think you need the “control part”. 🙂
Sacred geometry has nothing to do with religion. I think, religions are just institutions that have been hijacking that sacred knowledge for a long long time.

To sum it up, I would say the Universe is based on sacred geometry or sacred mathematics. Sacred geometry or sacred mathematics is the essence of our consciousness because it creates patterns, information, energy, which is the true, pure, loving nature of ourselves, a fact that we are gradually but rapidly remembering NOW!


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