Chakras and Ascension (Part 1)


This is the first part of a long post on “Chakras and Ascension”;

I am quoting parts of the “The Ascension, Study Guide and the Personal Ascension Program”, from Master Tony.

The soul is on a journey to evolve spiritually, from 1D to 12D.

You are in the universe to experiment “everything that is”, and in order to achieve that, you have incarnations on a planet, that are opportunities to experiment and learn yet another life wisdoms and lessons.

Now, you are also provided with your free will, with which you can boost your spiritual evolution or steer it in one direction or another. And your tool here are your chakras that are like energetic tuners, with which you can tune the overall energy aura of your body in oder to make it compatible with a certain timeline.

At the time of the coming grand Earth’s shift, they are crucial as they will give you an additional option, that of choosing the timeline of 4D Earth.

The Planetary Shift

Between Autumn solstice sept 22nd  and Winter Equinox Dec. 21st,  Earth is expected to ascend from 3D to 4D, i.e. meaning that Earth will go into a 4D timeline.

As incarnational beings on a 3D planet, we are 3D beings experimenting 3D and that is what our incarnational contract before our birth probably stated: to experiment 3D.

But we are blessed by a chance like once every 26,000 years (or even once every 16 billion years): that of choosing 4D out of free will, incarnating on a 4D Earth.

After ascending to 4D, Earth will be “New Earth, in a state of higher frequency.

Currently, our 3D body are not compatible with that frequency, and If we want to have the possibility to ascend with Earth, we have to tune our frequency to her.

The Human Energy Field 

There’s another reason why we need to raise our frequency: to keep us vibrationally anchored to Earth during the shift.

To understand that, we need to acknowledge and know that we also have an energy body.

We are so much more than just our physical body. We have in fact other bodies, super-imposed upon the physical body.

Our physical body emits an Energy Field; the reason being that our millions of cells with their chemical process generate some electromagnetic energy. The interconnection of all this creates a full body electrical circuit, which radiates electromagnetism.

And this energy field is composed of several layers.

Each layer is in fact a subtle body of high frequency.

So we are made of multidimensional anatomy, and the layers at the top vibrate at the highest frequency; the physical body vibrates at the lowest frequency.

It is interesting to note that it is an acknowledged principle in physics that energy with different frequency can coexist within the same space without destructive interaction.

The Human Energy Field is invisible to us for now since the frequency of vibration is too high.

The Ethereal Body

“The first layer of the human energy body that exists just beyond the biological body is called the “Ethereal Body” (or Etheric). The ethereal body extends about 2-5cm in front and around the biological body.”

“It is an exact duplicate but has its own specific frequency and wavelength that we cannot physically see in our 3D reality.”

“Also, The ethereal body radiates its own electromagnetic force field around the physical body known as the “auric field” (aura or auric body).”

“The interface between matter (biological) and anti matter (ethereal) is the chakra system, which is composed of 7 primary chakras;”

“Your ethereal body has its own specific frequency or energy signature, which is determined by the status of your seven primary chakras. Each of your primary chakras has a specific frequency, so the overall number of fully functioning chakras determines the energy signature for your invisible or ethereal body. Therefore, when a person’s lower chakras are blocked and not fully functioning, they would have a low energy signature. “

That is the first major principle underpinning personal ascension and chakras; chakras are the tuners that control and determine the  energy signature of your ethereal body, so they are the control tuners of your spiritual ascension under your free will.

Having a low energy signature does not give you the option of choosing the timeline of new Earth, because new Earth is on too high a frequency.

“The second major principle that underpins personal ascension involves  a direct energetic relationship between your ethereal body and your consciousness. Your consciousness is YOU. Your consciousness is your thoughts, beliefs, intelligence, attitudes, and emotions. Your consciousness is energy. It has a frequency. This means that your conscious energy, such as your emotions, feeds directly into your chakra system. It is your conscious energy that causes your chakras to operate at a lower frequency. “

“Therefore, “expanding your consciousness,” which means once you consciously make the choice to release yourself from the 3rd dimension and decide you want to chose 4D Earth timeline, you will need to start making some big changes in your life. “

“Personal ascension uses strategies to heal each of the chakras. Therefore, to release any of the old, dense 3D energy blocking your chakras, you simply need to embrace a completely new way of thinking, beliefs, and attitudes. When you expand your mind, and start thinking and doing things differently, you create new conscious energy, which changes the frequency of your chakras. As a result of this process, you instantly increase the frequency of your energy signature. Personal ascension is simply the upward spiral of healing the chakras to increase the frequency of your ethereal body (energy signature).”

“The process of healing each chakra amplifies or increases the frequency of your energy signature.”

The Chakra System

We are entering the main subject of this post, the chakras; the chakras are the tools that put your spiritual evolution under the control of your free will.

So it is essential to have a strong understanding of them.

Truth be told, there are many interpretations and science of the chakras.

But depending on the model you will have, the way you will use them for your ascension will be different.

I give here what I found a good description in relationship with ascension.

The Chakra System as electromagnetic interface between the physical body and the ethereal body

There’s an electromagnetic energy flowing around the ethereal body, called “Ka” This bio energy (light energy of high frequency) sustains the life of the ethereal body.

This ethereal energy circulates a network of tiny web-like pipes called “Nadis”.  These nadis connect also the ethereal body with the biological body.

The Ka energy preserves also the biological body, by feeding into it.

“It is the life force body, because it provides the biological body with cellular genetic guidance (Have you ever wondered what governed cellular division, hormonal communication?). It sustains the life of the biological body.”

“The ethereal energy system or nadis lines connect at special energy nodes called “Chakras.””

There are 7 primary chakras and they act as energy transformers of Ka energy, translating it into hormonal, physiological, and cellular changes in the biological body.


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