Benevolent extraterrestrial ship over the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony…most likely.

[post aimed at English speakers]

[updated on 02AUG12]

Has everybody spotted the “UFO” showing up suddenly during the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony just before the beginning of the fireworks?
Amazing, it was.
I did not watch TV because I don’t have any TV but I watched it later on Youtube.
For those that are wondering what it is, I am writing that post to share my thoughts on that.

Well here there are only two possibilities, really, I think.
Either it is a plot (a real ship or a holographic projection) by the “bad guys” inside the dark world’s governments to fabricate a false-flag alien invasion (yeah the “bad guys” have already the technology, believe it or not ) 1) or it is a real extraterrestrial ship 2).
I am rejecting here the possibility that it was “photoshopped” by an individual because obviously the ufo came up LIVE on a TV network.
It could have been photoshopped by the TV network itself but in that case it is similar to case 1).

Well 1) does not seem likely either.
First of all the ship does not seem malevolent.
Second, if it had to fulfill a dark agenda, they would have made it much more easily spottable by the people (for example the audience inside the stadium). It seems that nobody could see the UFO from the Olympic stadium since it was “full” of fireworks.
More over, remember the alien ship toy hovering over the Olympic stadium during the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics opening ceremony?
Needless to talk about the fake 7-feet tall reptilian alien showing up at the end…
Take a look at it:

You see the difference. In that case, it is openly visible.

So definitively possibility 2).
In fact, I strongly believe that it belongs to a positive, benevolent ET species. And the UFO becomes a genuine, benevolent extraterrestrial ship.
As you might already know, it seems that there are various ET species out there, from various galaxies. And depending on the “vibrations” they have, they can be either benevolent or malevolent…
There is so much to explain about that I would leave it for now.

If you are not aware of the possibility of the extraterrestrial presence in the Universe, well go to youtube and type in “UFO”. You will be able to access a staggering amount of evidence or material, at least.
It is said though that only 10% of the “UFOs” phenomena correspond to real ships, the rest being holographic projections from the “bad guys” on Earth or their own crafts.
More on the “bad guys” in another post…

If you reject totally the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence, then first of all you need to open your mind.
You will never acknowledge the existence of ETs if you reject its possibility.
Just accept its possibility. Then you will see your world will become wider. Your consciousness will really benefit from it. I guarantee you. 🙂

And now, a question that I asked myself. How could it be a real “physical” ship when the thing appeared from nowhere to vanish almost instantly and at one point the density decreases so much that it appears like a ghost?
Well, do not forget that the ETs (benevolent or malevolent) must be highly advanced compared to us not only spiritually but also technologically. They are so much advanced that they are literally able to shift dimensions, from 3d to 4d or even to higher dimensions…Believe or not.

In any case, it seems that Disclosure that will reveal the existence of our Galactic friends in particular, is getting closer and closer.
Disclosure is already happening in a way via the Internet with so many sites talking about it.
But here I am talking about a truth acknoledged by the world’s governments, via for example the mass media.
And it seems that it had aleready started.
Take a look what msn and the huffing post have to say about the London Olympics UFO via and

I think it is highly likely that Disclosure is around the corner.



It seems that an individual could take a pic from the stadium. Take a look at


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