Getting started

We are living unprecedented times; last time we had the opportunity to ascend was around 13,000 years ago up until the dark energy and their agents took upon Earth. Have you ever wondered why we needed money? why people compete between each other? kill each other? control each other? while as the same time you know in your sub-conscious that these could be way better, even wrong? Well, in a way you are already connected to the divine Source, the single most important Truth that the cabal is spending $billions each day hiding.

Earth is ascending, because it has to; it is within its celestial path, receiving the Light and the positive Energy from the Central Galactic Sun and the Photon Belt;  if we want to co-habit with Earth and understand its new paradigm, we have to co-ascend with her, i.e. ascend ourselves too. This is not a plan in the short-term, nor is it something esoteric or new age; this is a life-style to adopt right now.

In this blog, we’ll present  and try to explain in a magazine style, every possible subject that helps the reader ascend from the Old 3D way of thinking to dimensions above;

Be in joy! Be one!


PS: jigenjosho comes from the japanese jigen (次元)= dimension and josho (上昇)= ascend or go up ,  so jigenjosho = ascension


千載一遇のチャンスという時を今、生きている。前回、次元上昇する機会のあったのが、約13,000年前で、ダーク・エネルギとそのエージェントが地球に乗っ取るまでだった。お金はどうして必要なのか一度、自分に言い聞かせたことがありますでしょう?人間はなぜ殺し合えるのか?なぜ、お互いをコントロールしたがるとか。それと同時に、我々はこれらの醜い行動は非・人間的であり、本来はなくてならないものだと潜在的にわかってる。この時点でも、もう既に最も大切な真実である「神秘的なコスモス (Divine Source)」につながっている。カバルは毎日、数十億ドルをかけてこの事実を消そうとしている。




Be in Joy! Be one!



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