Bank loans are very suspicious and very likely fraudulent


[Updated: Feb 12th, 2013]


Time is up; we have to know the reality behind Loans contracted  by Banks to us; it is simple but frightening at the same time.

Money is a multi-form substance; we can use it as a means of exchange, fine:) we can lend money to each other, albeit an interest rate. Why not.

You would think that banks lend money that they own; but nothing can be further from the truth;

Read on before you contract a loan and ask for much more information from your bank.

1- Your bank has nothing to lend.

2- Your bank fails to disclose that it has nothing to lend.

3- Your bank prepares a contract (the loan contract) in which you are called strategically the borrower, and the bank the lender.

4- If a loan contract is signed, the only thing the bank does is opening your account, inputting the corresponding figure and asking the central bank to print the bills.

5- It was never the private bank’s money in the first place. Nevertheless, the loan is fraudulently turned into liability against you  the borrower.

6-  The bank failed to disclose that it only input figures into your account.

7- The bank committed a fraud by leading you into thinking you are liable to the money you have just created for your project.

8- As soon as you sign the contract, this is turned into a financial instrument exchanged and sold by your bank for financial gain, and it fails to disclose that fact to you.

9- Whereas you should be entitled of the proceedings of that financial gain because it is your asset, the bank fails to reward you and to inform you of such gain.

10- Because this is was not their money involved in the first place, the bank should not ask for a security (typically the mortgage contract ) to back the loan in case of payment failure.

11- Banks dupe the account holder by asking for a security (e.g. the home) for a money that they did not own from the first place.

12- Bank steals from deposit holder in case of foreclosing holder’s home or taking other items of value used as security.

13- Bank makes illegal profit (usury) on money that it never ever owned; expects you to return the principal, the interest and to pay some operational fees.

In conclusion, it seems very much like that a bank loan is a very fraudulent contract, where wordings are strategically repackaged so that the bank appears like an agent who lends and credits, and you like a party who borrows and has a liability.

Deliberate opacity, almost absence of transparency in all impunity has allowed for that fraud to go un-noticed.

Also, to let such a fraud for such a long time for such a scale, could not have been possible without duping the judicial courts and buying law makers

The bottom line is that you cannot be liable for the money that you create – that’s what a loan is.

A loan is the creation of money to back up a certain project that extends into the future, subsequent to which a deposit of the same amount  is made to the holder’s account as an asset (not as a liability).

The future is bright and it is time for banks to be transparent and open their hearts and liable for their lies, fraud and theft.


[Updated: Feb 12th, 2013]

But it is important here not to polarize the guilt on the banks for the following reasons:

* Polarizing good and bad perpetuates the wheel of karma and feeds in vendetta

* We have a responsibility in having let the banks dupe us so far; let us be the change we want to see in this world

Bank loans are very suspicious and very likely fraudulent」への2件のフィードバック

  1. I think that entities that have created value for Humanity and that lend that value to a third party should be rewarded for that. If banks’ value is just paper work saying “you have borrowed money from society and you need to give it back within a certain amount of time” then their reward should be much less than what they are getting right now.

    • Yes, and our work is now to propose a model that makes the present loan system obsolete.


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