Light, Triad and Sacred Colors

path of man

Came across this diagram (*). Thought it was very intriguing, relevant, and making much sense as new knowledge. Potential true one.

That is the diagram of spiritual path of man and there’s a pertinent parallel with Light itself and its decomposition.  This diagram demonstrates that we have involuted from Light, and will evolve back to it.

(1) Involution: Man descends into Matter, to form its PERSONALITY.

PERSONALITY is a 3-body complex, the famous triad mind-body-spirit.

This triad is in fact a prism facing down (lower triad) that can decompose Light in exactly 7 fundamental colors, through the resonators called Chakras. (Exactly like Newton showed)

We can re-synthesize all these with a prism facing up  (higher triad) that we have within us.  This is the SOUL.

(2) Evolution: Man returns into Light, or divine spark

(*) title: the spiritual path of man assisted by rays


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