Nassim Haramein proposes a paradigm that unifies spirituality with conventional physics.


Here I want to talk about Nassim Haramein.
To get one short biography, go here: -

His theory really matches what I think in the sense he basically tries to merge spirituality and conventional science (the limited one we are taught at schools) into a new unified paradigm, a new body of knowledge. I think his theory is very convincing and I’d like to help promote his work.

I used mainly 2 materials to study his theory, the following video and paper:



In the paper, my interpretation is that he unifies the behavior of so-called Black holes with the behavior of protons.

But how? Well basically he shows that by regarding the proton as a tiny Black Hole (which is basically regarding the proton as a particle which contains a certain amount of energy, the Schwarzchild condition), we get plenty of nice coherent results, in particular the speed of rotation of such a proton is the speed of light, the frequency of such a proton fits the so-called “strong force”‘s observations etc…
In particular, he shows that we don’t need the “strong force” anymore because it is just gravity at work between two protons when they are regarded as Schwarzchild particles.
It is simple (at least much simpler than what I was taught at school) and very compelling at the same time.

You may ask why such protons don’t absorb all the energy around them if they are regarded as Black holes?
It is because there are so many protons out there that their effects cancel out.

In the video, I was impressed by the fact that he tackles the problem of “infinity”.

First of all, why should infinity be a taboo in “physics”.
Because there is no such thing as infinity?
Well I don’t think so. In mathematics or imagination you can create infinity as much as you want.
But mathematics is different from physics, you would argue.
Well it depends on your set of beliefs, on your point of view. Personally I don’t think there is a fundamental difference between mathematics and physics.
Because resources are finite?
Well true but only in appearance: the quantity of solidity that you can put inside a cm3 cube is indeed limited.
But what about the things we don’t see, what about what the conventional physicists call “dark matter” (with the so-called cosmological constant), in other words what about the non-solid stuff, the quantum vacuum which contains the quantum fluctuations?
(Note that another term for quantum vacuum is the “Source Fields” (if you are familiar with David Wilcock), or “torsion fields” (if you are a Russian scientist). To me or even Max Planck himself it seems, another name would be “consciousness”.)
Well you can always push the boundaries of your frame of reference into more extreme ones, you can always decrease the size of the box you are looking into.
So in fact you can always find energy embedded into energy and so forth and so on towards infinity…

Do we have proof of the existence of the quantum vacuum energy density?
We have the Casimir effect.
The Lamb effect as well.

At that stage, I believe that the real reason for not accepting an infinite energy or at least a very huge energy density is that it would make each of us infinitely free and infinitely rich.
And that was problematic to the powers that used to be because they wanted to enslave us for various reasons I won’t discuss.
And since most of the academic research was financed or at least controlled by those dark forces you see what it led to.
But now the world has changed: we are in the Golden Age!

Anyway 🙂

This infinity problem is at the center of the video mentioned earlier.
He explains that he basically could not pass over the so-called “vacuum catastrophe” in which scientists found that the energy density of the vacuum was infinite if you sum up all the fundamental energy of each point inside a cm3 cube. And as you have an infinite number of points inside such a cube…

Well ok. Let us get some constraints here just for the sake of doing some light “normalization”. Let us take the Planck particle as a baseline.
Basically let us say that there is a smallest length – the Planck length – that we cannot reduce.
Here, to compute the vacuum density, we just compute the number of Planck particles that can fit into a cm3 cube.
Since we know the mass of such a particle, we get the overall mass which is: 5.16*10e93 gm/cm3
So basically we get a finite number for the quantum vacuum density but what a huge finite number! Almost infinite.

You can have a look at what Nassim says about it, starting from the 40mn mark till the 50mn mark in the video, to get the gist of it.

By the way, conventional physics use to use “renormalization” to get rid of infinities but I think renormalization is very unhealthy 🙂
Would you want your personality “renormalized”?
I feel that the so-called renormalization is “physics as you go”, like the creation of the Strong Force seems to be as Nassim argues.

Does Nassim believe that energy is finite?
No, he does not.
He does say in the video that the Planck scale sets the smallest scale we can experience right now but at the same time he does not believe it is the smallest scale.

But it is true that sometimes it is good to set constraints.
As Marissa Mayer loves to say “creativity loves constraints” :). However at the same time, I think we need to free those constraints as we make progress…

By the way, in his paper, Nassim shows that the mass density of a proton when you regard it as a mini black hole (Schwarzschild proton), you get a mass density of 4.98*10e55 gm by proton volume.
He then says that if you squeeze all the visible mass (solid stuff) of the universe into a proton you get the same order of magnitude.
For him it is the proof that every proton is entangled with each other.
For me, it is evidence that the universe is fractal. You have everything is anything.

Last but not the least. Something that really tells me that he is in the right direction, besides the convincing arguments he showed in the paper and in the video:
– he wants to unify spirituality with “science”. In fact he says that spirituality is the science that conventional science does not understand yet or ignores.
– he is really into ancient civilizations, even talking about ETs that must have helped ancient cultures build huge monuments in the past…Have a look a the following article from American Kabuki.

In conclusion, Nassim proposes a paradigm which reconciles general relatively (Black Holes) and quantum physics (protons) by using his open-mindedness and creativity.
But to me, most importantly, he proposes a paradigm that reconciles spirituality and the so-called “physics”.

And this fits perfectly with what think.
Even Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics, seems to agree with Nassim…

-“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”-

Yes at the most fundamental level, I believe we have Consciousness, the Divine Matrix, symbolized by the Flower of Life as it was done by so many ancient civilizations in the past.


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  1. Nice article;
    Any experiments in lab that measure all this phenomenal figures?
    Any links?

  2. Tks gbboy2012. I am not aware of experiments that show that specific density of energy. Maybe we should ask a physicist who thinks freely. 🙂 Maybe we should ask Nassim directly. But I can tell my feeling. First of all it seems that we cannot feel with our senses that level of energy density because it is hiding. Its effects cancel out. Second of all, we cannot go deep up to the Planck scale since we don’t have tools that are that precise. But wait. We should be able to get hints about that specific figure that Nassim talks about (10e93g/cm3) by observing the distance between the 2 plates, right? Like in - .
    Unfortunately, it seems that it is very abstract. The Cassimir effect does not provide real measurements…
    Maybe the only way to know is to start extracting plenty of energy from the vacuum. In fact, I think it is already done by plenty of independent scientists and inventors. It is part of the Free energy movement…

    • If energy exists in the casimir effect, why do we have to compute mean square of electromagnetic field? can you explain with every-day words? thanks! 🙂

      • It is true that the mathematical formulas may be “daunting”. But it is a way to try to quantify a given phenomenon. I have not looked at the paper’s content. I just wanted to show that even the so-called “mainstream science” has come up with a theory that implies that there is a huge energy density in the so-called vacuum. At least this is my feeling.

      • Could be nice to Market a formula to say 〇=∞ (vacuum = whatever the quantity is)
        Time to pass above the old E=mc2


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