So we are now more than 2 weeks after the “shift” that occurred on 21DEC12. Where are the changes?


Well there have not been any big objective physical changes on that particular date.
No meteorite. No big earthquake. No flood. No volcano eruptions. No terrorist attack either.
I have not studied the Mayan calendar predictions in-depth but it appears that the Mayans never said there would be any catastrophic events on that day and I don’t think we need to have one in the future, contrary to Drunvalo who says the Earth will be wiped out in a major global cataclysm before 2017 or something.

Besides, it is true that this Mayan elder said there would be 3 eclipses for 3 days beginning from 21DEC12 but to me his explanation was not convincing and as you must have realized his predictions were wrong.

I think the right interpretation of the Mayan and countless of other cultures’ prophecies is that they said there would be a very big shift in consciousness, not happening at once on that day but beginning from that day.

And the changes are already there.

As Geoffrey, the anchor for Cosmic Vision News tells us in that radio show uploaded on 29DEC12, a lot of changes happened already in 2012, even before 21DEC12 such as:

– The LIBOR scandal
– No WW3 broke out in the middle East
– The Queen absent from the Olympics
– The KESHE disclosure
– Palestine finally accepted as a member of UNO.

I would add:

– more and more disclosure on new sciences such as with the resonance project and Nassim Haramein.
– more and more disclosure about Vogel crystals technology
– more and more information about the chakras of the human body
– more and more information about the nature of etheric, astral planes etc..
to name just a few.

But 2013 will witness even more changes because I believe 2013 will be a year of transformation, the year of the beginning of the transmutation of Humanity. Literally.

For me 2011 was a year of awakening. “311” which has been most likely artificially made up by the “dark forces” (as “911” has been by the way) was the big psychological trigger.
I started basically awakening via the so-called “conspiracy” channel.
In fact conspiracy just means “true information that hurts”. It hurts because you are under mind control and you are scared of getting out of the matrix.

That led me in 2012 to studying all the “hidden stuff” such as suppressed technology, suppressed information about the divine matrix, suppressed history (about the true origins of Humankind), suppressed information about our galactic family, information about the fraudulent nature of the current financial system etc etc…

(Those topics are basically the main topics of JIGENJOSHO by the way.)

Also, 2012 was a year of preparation for the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the age of Aquarius. The goal was to get as much purified as possible in order to be in good shape before entering the Golden Age.
To get purified you need to know the Truth not only about yourself but also about everything else because I believe everything is basically linked together as a gigantic, infinite quantum lump.

And then 2013.
We have not gotten everything overnight on the 21st of December. On that day, we have not reached yet the 5th dimension which is the merging of the astral plane with physical reality.
But we are on our way towards it for sure and it will happen within a few years from now, I believe.

The cabal is neutralized (they cannot harm us any more I believe, because the vibrations of planet Earth and Humanity overall are too high for them).
Disclosing any true information is now free to occur without the threat of being harassed or even murdered as it has been the case in the past.
Basically 2013 marks the beginning of a new era, an era based on Truth.

Therefore I predict an explosion of new media that will “disclose” that Truth.
I predict the creation of companies that will release free energy devices to the masses.
I predict the creation of companies that will market vibrational healing devices to the masses.
I predict basically the creation of companies that will be ushering us into a new of age of entrepreneurship based on the principles of the Golden Age, which are love, compassion, guidance from one’s higher self, love for the Divine matrix in particular.

The problem is funding.
I believe that the funding will come with the eventual implosion of the current financial system and the establishment of a new one as it has been advocated for so long by Benjamin Fulford. He often talks about LIFE (Long-Terms Investment For Everyone)
Besides it seems the Keenan lawsuit is still going on although Geoffrey from Cosmic News believes that it is going to be withdrawn.
Recently the enormous investigation made by David Wilcock, called “Financial Tyranny” has made it on a main stream media, a Russian TV network.
Others such as hopegirl can help too.
So we have a lot of positive changes in the financial field, already.

It is true that some Lightworkers seem to have been totally disappointed about the outcome on 21DEC12.
One of them is Pane Andov. He predicted a gigantic cosmic event that was supposed basically to wipe out planet Earth and replace with an Eden or something. I am glad he was wrong. 🙂
Although I was never convinced by his theory, his work on the crop circles in particular is interesting. I hope he will continue his research.

Another one seems to be Echan Deravy. On his facebook page wall the updated dated of “2012-12-24” mentions:
“So 2012 was entirely a non event. It is 23rd of December here in Canada-the date I decided was to be the ‘book end’ on 2012. Having spoken for two decades about this non-event with great passion I am reminded of the bard….”

I don’t think at all it was a non-event. On the contrary. I felt a sudden quantum leap in my consciousness though it is true that I don’t feel myself yet in 5th dimension. But the symptoms are already showing up such as the increasing number of synchronicities that are happening, it seems.

Anyway I am convinced things are on their way. We reached the end of the Mayan calendar with no catastrophes or major false-flags events.
Let us congratulate ourselves for that.
My major concern in 2012 was that we might have a major false flag event or a major natural catastrophe but the overall vibrations of Humanity were enough high and my interpretation is that it shielded us from potential harms and damages.

Now, let us rely on the consciousness shift we gained in 2012 to construct that Golden Age.

By the way, it is interesting to note that the site called 2012portal has changed its name to
I think that move is totally justified.
2012 was a year of preparation.
Now we are in 2013 and 2013 is the first year of the Golden Age.


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