So it is the 3rd day of the series of the 3 days after the 21st of December, and people say well nothing has changed, for most of them;

Well, not from my point of view; Not at all;

I did experience a quantum leap on the 21st of December and I am still experiencing the effects of it.

Below is the timeline of remarkable events, that I experienced; time is local to Tokyo, Japan.

– 12/20 around 23:55

I am in the train, on my way back to home; I am finding unusually an aesthetic smile to everybody I see in the train, and I notice that I have an amplified sense of smell, body odor in particular.

– 12/21 around 00:30

I take my dinner, which includes a salad seasoned with a vinegar sauce that my wife prepares for me as usual, almost everyday;  As soon as I take it in my mouth, I feel as if it is extremely salty. I ask my wife if there is anything special to it on that evening, she answers there is not.

– 01:00

I decide to try some music to see if I would experience some dilation effect as when I took some LSA, and indeed, I notice that I experience some dilation effect, i.e. I feel like as if the song track was slowed down, giving me more time to enjoy more details in it.

– From 10:10 to 11:11,

I did a meditation at home to receive the galactic beam and I got very unusual experiences:

My crown chakra was indeed illuminated, like in a bowl of light and I experienced some “pan-around and zoom in” effect with the pineal gland in astral plane, once the heart chakra was opened; sometimes, my body was shaking as if a little bit in a trance

– From 11:30 to 12:30,

I decide to go out to probe the temperature and notice firsthand, even in plain day, that the traffic lights, are brighter, more granular, more crystalline; It just seems like a different sky, like if my perception (and its crystallinity) changed, hence the object perceived too.

– From 18:30 to 20:00, I go out with my wife and I am in a very relaxed mood, quasi-ecstatic state; ecstatic state outdoor never happened with wife up until now; and I should mention at this point that I have been sober for a week and I am vegetarian drinking water most of the time.

– 20:11

I get back home to operate the second meditation (the one clocked to the universal time), and the very unusual thing is that I had a very strong headache on top of my cranium, like a pressure on my crown chakra at the end of meditation around 20:50.

– Over the night from 12/21 to 12/22, I got intense vivid dreams that I dont remember unfortunately.

– 12/22, around 16:30,  I still notice that I find traffic lights, any neon/LED light, car light more luminous, more granular, more crystalline; I notice also that words come faster to my throat and I express myself in a smoother way. The semi-ecstatic feeling is still there.

– Around 23:00, I decide to take a picture of the moon because I find it pink and all of sudden “something”, a red/pink orb jumps over into my lens, just besides the moon; I move my lens a bit, the pink orb follows its movement and stays in the focus of the lens;  with this orb, I caught my first UFO, for lack of better word;



– Over the night from 12/22 to 12/23, I experienced intense and vivid dreams involving again a mountain that spirals over itself, with 2 category of climbers on it; climbers that have anger, regret, self-pity, inferiority, and climbers that have compassion, forgiveness, hope, joy; the latter seem to be the ones to be able to climb it eventually;

– 12/23,  all around the day; I am still experiencing that impression that colors, and luminosity in lights are more vivid, their definition is finer too; on the same way that I take everyday to go to my office, I noticed for the first time a color in a pole light that I never did before; its color was between opale green and very light carnelian.

– Around 18:30, I decide to open a puzzle game (The-T) just brought back by my colleague; I tackled the first challenge, and completed it in 4mins; well, these kind of game were not my cup of tea at all in the past, and I could easily take several hours (or an eternity) just to complete the easiest one; things just get into my mind more easily because I guess I access to the Universe’s Data (the Akashic records, for example) with more fluidity.

So, to finish, I would say definitely, 12/21 is a game changer; I notice my world has changed significantly over the night, with substantial facts.

Why? because the Observer that I am has changed over the night, being mutated by the cosmic central energy and collective awareness, which in turns influences and modifies the Observed that the external world is.

If you have noticed nothing, chance are that you have not changed internally yet and have not been modified yet by the Galactic intelligent Energy and the Collective Consciousness. You have not yet accepted to co-vibrate and co-create with her.




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