We have reached a no-return point: finally entering a Golden Age where levitation will be part of daily life.


The video embedded at the end of this post really makes a good job at summarizing what we will get when the Golden Age starts, that is to say from today.

– Amazing technologies: anti-gravity, teleportation, time travel for example.
– “Super powers”: instant manifestation for example.
– Abundance for everyone with no centralized financial system that might be “hijacked”.
– Living in love and in the heart, not for control and greed.
– Befriending ETs.
– Unity consciousness instead of separation.
– Huge creativity: everyone becoming a “genius”.

I know. For those that have not been researching on the subject, (For my part, I have been researching for more than one year up until now, half of my awaken time) that sounds like science fiction or utopia.
But believe it or not all of these bullets are already possible.

We will not get everything at once. It will be within a process but I am sure the “unfolding” will be swift and speeding up.

Let us bet that within a few years from now, we will get most of the above-mentioned gifts in our daily life. And I think I am rather conservative here.

Up until now it had been suppressed by the “dark forces” and ignored by our deliberate lack of consciousness. But now the “dark forces” have no control over us, any more (symbolically from today by the way) and we are becoming fully aware. 🙂

So we have now all the conditions to nurture, embrace and foster that Golden Age.



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