Food replicator or food materializer or food manifestation?

It seems that food replicators are real. By “real”, I mean that some positive “ETs” already use them…Hard to believe but it seems that it is true.

It is true though that I have not found any proof or evidence of it unfortunately. However, it does not change the fact that I think it makes sense to assume it is possible.

It seems that the Galactic Federation of Light is already in contact with ETs that use it every day according to this post.
David Wilcok also seems to believe that it is already possible according to this post.
Drake, who is an insider within the Pentagon and the American militias also seems to assume that it is already possible according to this post.

It seems that the technology behind food replication enables the creation of any food by just thinking about it. So “food materializer” as a terminology is maybe more appropriate.
Creating food by assembling molecules seems to be extremely difficult according to the molecular assembler entry in wikipedia.
That is why maybe we would need to rely on our thoughts to create food directly, a bit like that technology that enables ETs to fly instantly from one point to another by just thinking about the destination…

Besides, in a dream, when we think about something, that thing shows up immediately. So if the physical reality becomes literally a “dream”, which is one of the core corollaries of the Golden age, in the sense that the physical reality becomes extremely malleable, food “creation” could be accomplished by “food instant manifestation”.

In the mean time, it seems that the technology that enables “printing” meat with a 3D printer is already possible. Take a look at modern meadow.
But it is not on the market, yet.

Finally, it is said all the technologies you see in Star Trek, like the universal translator, the transporter or the replicator are already possible and used…by some ETs. The only thing is that they are not opened to Humanity, yet. Just a question of time (within a few months at the soonest, a few years at the latest), I believe.


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