Shifting to 4D.

What is Ascension? You may wonder.
Well, to me, it is that process in which you raise the frequencies of your consciousness so drastically that you change your perception of physical reality and enter another realm, where everything is interconnected and harmonious.
There is nothing religious per se although you might recall the Christ’s ascension.
Basically we, Human beings, believe we live in a 3D world, that we call the physical world.
But beyond those 3 dimensions there are as many dimensions as you can imagine, although string theory says that there are only 12 dimensions.
Time is an illusion that is not a real dimension as you might think. Basically there is no past, no future. There is only present. It is just that we are not able yet to embrace the whole “movie” at once. We are still only able to see one frame at a time.

But Ascension towards which dimension?
Well Ascension is a process, once again. So let us do it gradually. I would like first of all to upgrade myself to the 4th dimension.
Then, what is the 4th dimension?
Well, it is the dimension of love.
In a 3D world, you think about your own survival, therefore you are selfish. You want to get rid of your enemies, you want to control others, you think that in order to win someone needs to lose…
It is basically a world where service to the self is predominant.
But in a 4D world, it is service to others that is predominant.

Ascension has nothing to do with Armageddon which is basically a prophecy of the physical destruction of Earth.
Armageddon is a religious construct that wants to induce fear by predicting cataclysms.
It is basically a prophecy created by the dark cabal which I believe foresaw the rise of consciousness of Humanity and wanted to prevent it.
Also, to me, a prophecy is just a program of behavior created by the collective consciousness a long time ago.

So, it is as if there were two prophecies: a dark one and a bright one.
The bright prophecy says that we will soon create a world where love, service to others, compassion prevail and this is exactly the one that is winning right now.
It is a world centered on the heart chakra. We basically need to get back to our hearts. So far we have been focusing too much on our brains, our rationality but the heart is more ancient than the brain and does not even need a brain to function since the it seems that the heart contains neural cells. The heart is wiser. Time to be wise now.

In fact, we do not even need any prophecy. We just need to remember that we always had the power to create, to manifest the reality we desire and this is what we are doing right now by creating a harmonious world.

Now you may ask yourself: why should I shift to the 4th dimension?
Essentially, there are so many benefits compared to a 3D world that it would be really silly not to “ascend”.
The benefits are peace, harmony, abundance, compassion, reconnection to your higher self to name just a few.
But other than that, it is something that the collective human consciousness wanted for us a long time ago because a long time ago we created that idea of a Golden Age where Light would prevail.
I believe it is something deeply embedded in the deepest part of our unconscious.

Basically, we are remembering that helping others is helping ourselves.


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